Wednesday, March 13, 2019

On Legacy

Hearing the news and watching most TV shows these days could probably make you feel incredibly anxious and stressed out.

I read about the Ethiopian Airlines Crash and look at beauiful photos of a young Indian origin doctor travelling to Nairobi to visit her sister, who passed away in the crash. I can't help but wonder at how tenuous life is. At who's going to be next. How we're all running on nothing.

I watch shows on Netflix like Made in India, Four More Shots Please, and all I think of is how easy it is to lose people you love, for relationships to wear thin, for love to disappear.

My husband tells me to be positive, to watch better shows, to choose better what content I expose myself to.

I sit and think. And think. And wonder. And wonder. And dream.

If nothing is meant to last, and there's no surety about tomorrow, what's the best you could do? How's the best you could live? What's the legacy you want to leave behind?

What's the mark you want to leave upon this world?

Your 80 hour work week? Your fights with your loved ones? The tantrum you threw last night coz you didn't like dinner? That 6 months diet you put yourself through. That colleague you trampled upon to get your next promotion? That staff you fired because she got on your nerves. All your goddamn regrets? That secret fling you've been having? All the things you planned on doing...someday? Hell, what's the best thing you did yesterday? Scroll facebook for 2 hrs and Netflix for 4 hrs?

We need to collectively rewire and rewrite our lives. Manage time better. Do better at life.

Let's revisit the main question in this post. What's the legacy you want to leave behind? Let's re-imagine the answer.

I get only one in my head. Love. That's the only legacy I want to leave behind. Love. And change. And honesty. Some goodness. Some kindness. Some generosity. It's good to go to bed every night knowing that I didn't hurt anyone today. Didn't trample upon others for personal gain. Didn't hurt someone's feelings coz they hurt mine first. It's good to do things for the people you love. Keep them happy. Keep them smiling.

Coz there's only so much time and only so much to life. For god's sake dont spend it being a miserable lout and a grey cloud in everyones' life. Don't hurt the people you love, coz you're gonna regret it later.

As pompous as this sounds, I'm no life guru. But this is just a sinking realisation that has come to me from depths of despair. And I'm just putting it out there.

We all need to collectively work on this.

Be better. Be you. Be the best you can be.