Thursday, May 24, 2018

Of Love and Hate (Of the self)

Hey everyone...(my imaginary readers)!

So I just read this post on my facebook feed and it made me want to say and write lots and lots of things. It reminded me of this forgotten place, my first love, my blog.

Well, here I am. It's been a long journey this past year, and I just want to say to everyone out there, possibly reading this and struggling to make it through some rough times - Do what EVER you need to do to survive. Keep yourself happy. Your happiness is wholly and solely your responsiblity and being selfish is the first step towards being happy. Accepting that you're not ok, and putting in effort to take care of yourself and pamper yourself works wonders for your mental health.

So if that means you have to eat icecream everyday, go for it. If it means saying no to the world and yes to yourself, go for it. If it means taking a break from work and travelling, go for it. If it means taking a social media blanket break, hell, go for it! Because it's your life, it's your health, it's your heart we are talking about. And nothing is too much as far as taking care of yourself and your heart goes.

You are bloody important, and it's time you realised that.

Sometime last year I started a 100 days of happiness challenge. It was simple and in its simplicity it was miraculous how much it helped me to find happiness in the little things in life.

From then to now, sooo much has happened and I've grown so much.

Life has taken a 360 degree turn. To begin with, I've left Mumbai (something I never dreamt I would do) and moved to a new city, a new life. I've finished my quota of getting through various losers who teach you life lessons and heartbreaks and had my share of growing pains dealt to me.

AND I've met my now husband who, though he didn't come to me dressed as a knight in shining armour on a white horse; he did get me pizza on our first date AND didn't hesitate to serve me first (instead of the other way round) before gorging on his own food. It was so path breaking for me, I almost sang Hallelujah! Yep. Right there, in Amdavad. That's where the magic happened.

And although it took me long enough to recognise the knight (in disguise) that he was, it's been fabulous to finally reach the end of this long journey and meet the person I am supremely happy to spend the rest of my life with.

In other news, I saw the movie "Angrezi mein Kehte hai" yesterday and I duly, and expectedly, loved it. The alternate story of Suman/Feroze portrayed in the movie was refreshing. The main storyline had its quirks but overall loved the message they sent. I only wish the hero didn't start dressing so gaudily the moment he realised he was in love... (like SRK in Rab ne bana di jodi?)

So it seems that I have now left Mumbai, the city of dreams, and moved to Ahmedabad, the heartland of Gujjus. I feel like I am going to be elaborating on this A LOT in my future posts.

I am trying very, very hard, to not develop a gujju accent, But I fear it may happen sooner or later! :P

I shall surely , definitely, maybe keep you posted.

Until the next time life comes around, and drags me up or down, I hope you all have a lovely day.

Don't forget, the secret to your happiness - "Be Selfish".


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Monday, April 16, 2018

October The Movie

So, I watched October this Friday and it was lovely. In fact the movie had me feeling so much that I suddenly remembered my blog and felt like I had to update it.

It was the saddest and most beautiful movie I've seen in a very, very long time. Rarely do we see something so extremely and perfectly realistic in cinema.

There's no good way to write a review, the movie has to be experienced in a theatre. It is basically a beautiful, soulful melody you will continue to feel long after you've left the theatre.

Also I promise you'll forget that Varun Dhawan is Varun Dhawan. He gets into the skin of Dan superbly. Forgive me for not being able to believe he's the same guy from Judwa 2.

Also as a doctor, a special mention to the medical depictions in the movie, they were so on point. Everything from the patient to the hospital to the doctors to the nurses to the beds to the patient's family, to the hospital chemist, to the medical bills and to the label saying "No Bone" on the patients head. Never in the history of Hindi cinema has the Indian health care scenario been depicted so well. A huge huge round of applause to the entire team for this.

Some dialogues from the movie will strike many a chord with audiences. Dan said some important things about loving one's body and treating it with compassion and kindness and giving it the time it needs to recover. One of the best lessons in self-love I've ever learnt.

The soundtrack is otherworldly, the direction is remarkable. I would definitely never watch this movie again, because it isn't that kind of a movie, but watching it this once in the theatre was truly memorable.

This movie is for all those of us who have ever struggled with our health, who have lost loved ones, who have seen trauma in their lives or in those of their family members and loved ones. Basically this movie will speak to each and every one of us.

Everyone may not like it (hubby dearest did not) but I'd still recommend everyone watch it, it will help you in one way or another, and quite a few of you will surely love it, like I did.