Sunday, October 2, 2011

Movie Review: Drive

Drive tells the story of a man we know only as 'Driver' or 'Kid' (Ryan Gosling, of Half Nelson fame). Driver is a man of very few words, with a toothpick sticking out of his mouth, and a wide eyed non-judgmental look at the world most of the time. He works as a getaway driver for criminals, as a stunt driver for the movies, and also as a mechanic at a garage. He mostly does what his boss tells him to do, he gives his criminal clients a strict 5-minute window period to avail of his services, and he performs his stunts with unnatural nonchalance and precision. He also has a liking for an ugly silver jacket with a scorpion on the back.

Soon, Driver meets his neighbor, Irene (Carey Mulligan), eavesdrops over her and her son in the supermarket, plays staring games with the son, and well, begins to fall in love with the neighbor (or so we're told). Driver continues to behave like an innocent child who doesn't really know how to react or what to say in a situation like this. There's a scene where both the leads just keep smiling alternately at each other, for at least 5 minutes, and though you laugh initially at all the sweetness, you just wish someone would get on with it.

The entire first half of the movie plays out with minimal dialogues, a captivating background score, and a slightly irritating song called A real hero playing multiple times throughout the movie, each time while Driver is doing stuff which the director thinks would make him look like 'a real hero'. The first time especially, it just ends up looking super-pretentious. Every time Driver opens his mouth and actually says something, it comes as a slight shock and an achievement, since he looks like he is incapable of uttering any words.

Though nothing much is really happening in the movie in the first half, everyone seems to be overstrung, both the people on-screen and those in the audience. We know something is going to happen, so we watch and wait. I spend most of the time trying to guess which psychiatric condition Driver has.

Soon enough Irene's husband, Standard, is released from jail, and comes back into their lives. He is in trouble and is being blackmailed by some goons. When Driver realizes that Irene and her son are in danger, he decides to help Standard out in order to save them. But, things start going wrong, and that's when you sit up in your seats and start enjoying the movie.

There's a scene when half the theater jumps out of their seats, which signifies the start of the second part of the movie with its uninhibited violence. Thus begins a series of kills, and every time a person enters the frame from that point on, you can't help but hold on to your seat and wonder how he is going to die. The violence, the sheer amount of controlled and ruthless rage which Driver displays, and the novel ways in which people are killed without the use of firearms, is, according to me, the USP of this movie.

Driver manages to look devastatingly terrifying, which is a wonderful contrast from his innocent wide-eyed look in the first part. There's a sequence where he wears a mask and kills someone on the beach, it is so brilliant, you should go watch the movie just for that sequence. There are also two brilliant car chase sequences in the movie, likely to leave you open mouthed with awe.

Ryan Gosling acts fabulously well, and so does most of the supporting cast. Carey Mulligan does nothing much but stare at Driver. This movie isn't good or bad, it is an experience, and one I think you should have. Don't expect entertainment, don't expect a sweet romance, don't expect an action movie with a hero who punches everyone and then gets the girl. No. Expect something different, and, in it's own way, beautiful. You'll be glad you watched this movie, if nothing, just cause you got a change from our regular fare.

Rating: 8.5/10.


  1. Everyone's giving such intriguing reviews of this film that now I think I absolutely must watch it.

  2. In fact that was the only reason why I watched it in the first place... Because I read so many reviews with SO many different opinions, I just wanted to decide for myself. Go watch it! :)

  3. Okay, it's pretty late in the day, but I finally saw it! My God, it's like a fever dream! And I think I am officially in love with Ryan Gosling. Just saw Crazy, Stupid Love and this one on the day and the characters he plays in both are so different and still so perfectly embodied. I guess it helps when you have that perfect body, but still..aaaarghhh, now I'll be obsessed with him for a few months! :D

  4. And I'm watching Gosling AGAIN in The Ides of March which promises to be another great movie. :D And there's George Clooney in it, too. Oh Lord, how will I ever concentrate on the dialogue? :D

  5. @Tangled: Haha. I have watched all three movies, and enjoyed them. All I have to say to you is, welcome to the "We believe that Ryan Gosling is perfect" club :D

    Also, I would recommend you watch the movie Half Nelson starring him.

  6. Okay, I know I should be studying and all but I have been using Gosling movies as my guilty pleasure these days. I saw Half Nelson which was incredible in atleast fourteen different ways then someone on imdb said Lars & the Real Girl was Ryan Gosling's best performance ever so I downloaded and watched that as well. And I have to say, Aayushi if you havent seen it, you must! The guy is such an amazing actor but more than that he is an absolute sweetheart! Sigh. I am in love! :D