Sunday, December 23, 2012

Back with a lot of nonsense ")

I never thought I would ever let silly things such as life interfere with my writing. Life is supposed to just inspire the writing, hai na? But it did happen. Life did come and interfere. And then the fatigue just caught on. Which then progressed into sheer laziness. Which may have metamorphosed into a writer's block, you know, except that I'm pretty sure those things are entirely fictitious. Because if you are a writer, then you're a writer, no blocks whatsoever. But that's just my opinion.

So what transpired in the interim?
Exams, and studies, and studies, and studies, and books, and deadlines, and exams, and studies, and...

Oh well, after exams there were other things as well: Books, and bad movies, and weddings, and family trips, and babies, and weddings, and social engagements, and music, and doctors, and fake smiles, and weddings, and cakes, and ....

You get the drift?

I should really have some set agendas in mind before I start writing a post, but I never do. So then I get to the middle of the post and insert a totally useless stanza like this one.

But what I'm basically saying is that I'm here and I'm alive, but I just don't feel too talkative. My brain is snoozing, this month. Yeah, it does let out a contented buzzing sound. Only no one except me has heard the sound, as yet.

Aha, and my new favorite pastime during exams was stalking celebs on twitter. Instead of studying. But the moment I actually made a twitter account, all of them just became boring. I swear, at that exact moment. So now my account is dying a slow and lonely death. So please don't follow me on twitter or anything.

And you know how every every single thing becomes extremely tempting during exams, and the moment the exams get over, all you ever do is laze around on your sofa? Does that happen to everyone or is it just me?

Also does anyone else's CPU give them electric shocks? Mine does, currently. No pun intended.

And has anyone ever sprained (strained?) their neck due to over-studying? I HAVE! And it is such a pain in the neck!

...aaaand that completes the list of five random things you didn't know about me. Yes, I was counting. And yes, I cheated in the counting. You're just gonna have to live with that.

Okay, let me make this random thing no. 5: I never cheat. Ever. This was the only exception. I promise!

Now, your turn. In the comments, people. Give me five things I don't know about you. Go anonymous, use pseudonyms. Or well, your own name. Truth, fiction, fantasy, anything. Just make them good. And maybe we will have a fun post out of it next time.

Till then, bye bye. ")

Edit: Forgot my comic.



  1. 1. Am superstitious and start praying to god a week before my exams. I also use the same pen, same shoes, drink milk the same time EVERYDAY, wash and wear the same pair of jeans... for every exam. extremely superstitious and don't like anyone messing with that routine.
    2. I love to browse furniture sites. Make newspaper cuttings of beautiful interiors, mirrors, dinner sets in the hopes that one day they shall be used for My dream home. Where ever and whenever that happens. Right now I'm stuck on the idea of having a Green wall in my bedroom.
    3. I make a list. Of all the world's wonders and famous tourist attractions I have been to. I never make a list of the ones I haven't been to, well cuz it's pretty short :-P
    4. If I could swim everyday of my life- I would. In a swimming pool. Not the sea or the ocean- I have a major fear that a great white shark is going to eat me.
    5. I know this is outdated, but I still collect stamps. Have a huge collection and still run to get first day covers.

    Random enough? :-)

    1. Yes, random enough, thank you!

      I know so many people who have superstitious exam rituals! I think this is what med school does to us! You seem to be bordering on OCD though :P

      Knew about swimming, love the lists you make. The list of things you've already done would make you much happier than the list of things you haven't yet done.

  2. Hahahahaha you are absolutely brilliant and I have missed you in the blogging world! YES, I get the SAME feeling of everything becoming interesting during exam time, and then all my deep and philosophical statements just flow out of the window and I become a completely lazy git! :D

    OK hmmm paanch cheez... OK here goes!

    1. I HAVE to have socks on (almost) all the time. Except, maybe, in sweltering Indian-summer-level heat. But even in India, I need socks. My feet feel extremely naked and COLD without socks, so I NEED MY SOCKS.

    2. I secretly (or not so secretly any more) think Zac Efron is cute. Yes, I went there. I was watching 17 Again on TV last night and thinking, 'oh my... dance with ME' lol oooft <3

    3. Blogs are my absolute WEAKNESS. Exam tomorrow? Pah, reading blogs > exams. (I exaggerate, but still..)

    4. I never paint my toe nails, even though I keep telling myself that I *will* and I *should*. Ohwell. Probably cos my feet are always covered with socks! (see #1)

    5. When I hear an upbeat Bollywood song when I'm driving in the car, I HAVE to wriggle my head/shoulders/feet and 'dance' along in the car. Much to everyone's surprising stares. I CANNOT HELP IT IT IS AN ADDICTION.

    There, now you have me allll figured out, no blackmailing with all these secrets, yeah? :P

    1. I totally understand why you need your socks! I would too, if I lived in a cold country!

      Zac Efron? Hahahahahahaha. He looks okay otherwise, but I thought he looked kind of bad in 17 again. You know, pre-transformation?

      I never paint my toenails either. Or you know, hand nails. I don't think Indians look too kindly to a doctor with painted nails. I mean, in a government hospital ward, you will feel like an exotic species out of a museum if you walked around with painted nails. So then.

      You must be a good dancer, even otherwise. I toh don't dance, period. In any form whatsoever.

  3. 1) my height is 4 ft 11 inches and 1.25 centimeters... as in I am 1 centimeter less than five feet. Almost there but not really.

    2) i love wearing my night clothes to office... it annoys my dad (which is why i do it more often) but they are too comfortable.

    3) i love eating street food... and i am totally convinced that i will never fall ill because of that.

    4) i never forget what i talk. and I try to improve humour in my speech, consciously!

    5) i love... just love bandages. I do fancy a fracture on my right wrist bone so that i can learn writing from my left one. its like hitting two birds with a single stone!!!

    oh it was difficult but fun too....

    see ya.

    1. I definitely didn't know point 4 and 5! hmmm.

      But seriously, bandages? And really, just learn writing with your left hand if you want to, don't try to give yourself a fracture for that! :S

      Writing 5 random things does turn out to be more difficult than anticipated. It took me some effort to write the post also!


  4. 1. I hate socialists, dislike liberals, don't care about conservatives (because by definition they are the ones who go the way of the dodo), and love libertarians.

    2. I don't want to practise medicine. I spend all my free time trying to learn stuff outside medicine.

    3. I spend a significant portion of my income ordering out of Indian restaurants. I like the coffee here, but I don't want the sandwiches, pizzas, lasagna, steak, sushi, and such other stuff without masala.

    4. I don't like to talk (except for the advancement of knowledge). I like girls who don't talk (except for the advancement of knowledge). It is a mess.

    5. I want to retire ASAP and spend the rest of my life studying mathematics and not have a care in the world.

    1. Point no 4 is by far the funniest thing I have read in ages! :D I do approve of your choice in girls though ;)

      How did you get stuck in medicine? But I really shouldn't be asking others the kind of questions I don't have answers to.

      I do wish you a life full of a lot of mathematics and food full of masala, then :)

  5. Difficult but I would give it a try.

    1) I am a confused entity, to the core. I think ten times before deciding whether to drink water or not (An exageration, but you get the point!!!).

    2) Obsessed about my weight, especially after shedding those extra pounds. The entire process had almost killed me three years back and I freak out when I think of going through the same trauma again. :P

    3) I am still clueless about my career and the kind of life I wish to lead.

    4) I hate getting dressed up. A major reason of not attending family functions or marriages is this.

    5) When I feel lazy, I imagine things to fly to me so that I dont have to get up.

    Oh, done with 5 already! I had just started.

  6. 1. i love adding up the numbers on the number plates of cars, a wierd fascination(to improve my mathematics school in kindergarden) which has a become an embarassing habit now.

    2.i love to imagine myself as a bride and how I will look and which dress I will wear,which photographer will come, the venue,etc, etc. The worse part is I can never figure out who the groom will be :p

    3.i secretly wait for a cute guy to make the first move,or wait for him to talk or even smile, but the moment i get to know him more-i don't want him in my life most of the times for something annoying that he does.

    4.i hate being answerable to people. i just can't. People who are important will know, so other gossip-mongers can mind their own business.

    5.i have a terrible fear about left in the jungle and being eaten up by a tiger or some beast. i almost have a nightmare about it everyday.