Monday, March 7, 2011

Caught in the undertow

" She lives by golden rules that don't apply"
 - Mr. Big, Undertow. 

About this photo: Well, it's one of my most favourite shots. 
No special story, just a knot on a rope on a ferry boat on a safari one foggy morning in the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. 
I feel like I am caught in the undertow right now, hence the title and the quote. 


  1. it´s a great shot!

  2. Great shot! and interesting quote

  3. Blessings....

    I like it, a great methaphor for life.

    Enjoy the rest of your week

  4. You took that picture? Wow, awesome! Really, really nice :) I think I kind of feel what you are feeling. Isn't it OK to be tangled up and caught in the undertow though? :)

  5. Amazing shot n when i realize that it comes from a medico, its even more invigorating... I ll just say u a doctor bye degree, a photographer by passion and writer at heart !

  6. Amazing Shot. and loved the tones. You are not active anymore on Flickr ?

  7. Nice picture, I really like the vibrancy and the detail on the rope :)