Saturday, March 5, 2011

On the mark...get set...go!!!

So, my Final Year MBBS results came out, and I have passed. Yayyy!!! :D
Couldn't post anything earlier since a virus ate up my hard disk. I would have new photos for you, except my data's still getting recovered :(

I've already finished with the first week of internship, and it's been fun. I've been thinking about what's coming in this next year, making plans, just getting into a rhythm.

So here's what I wish next year would look like:
1. All I do is complete my internship sincerely, enjoy the process, learn well, and study about whatever I learn in the hospitals everyday.
2. Post frequently on this blog, so that it takes me places.
3. Regale you (my dear readers) with lots of fabulous tales and stories from my internship.
4. Click a whole lot of photos with Troy (my camera).
5. Keep up with my friends and family.
6. Thoroughly enjoy my sisters big fat Indian wedding.
7. Watch all the great movies that will be coming out this year.
8. Write. A lot.
9. Read. A lot. Of non-medical books.
10. Just have a life.

Sigh. Whatever. A girl can dream, right?

Anyhow, here's what next year is actually going to look like, in all probability (basically it's a repeat of what last year was for me, except instead of college I will now have internship):
1. I'll be trying to do as little work in my internship as possible, so that I can study for my entrance exams in all the remaining time. There will be absolutely no need to learn anything not asked in the entrance exams.
2. Post infrequently on this blog, and gradually, I'll just end up totally deserting it.
3. "Stories? What stories? Go away, I need to solve this MCQ."
4. Troy (my camera) will be buried under a sea of books, and won't see the light of day for months.
5. I'll be avoiding all calls from all friends, and will answer everyone I know with one single phrase: "No I'm studying."
6. Develop super-powers and still keep studying as much during the big fat Indian wedding as otherwise.
7. Watch zero movies (Though I did watch a few of the good ones last year).
8. Will write some crappy articles over here to vent my frustration.
9. Won't read a single novel all year.
10. Just get admission into a PG course, somehow, somewhere.
     (Please, please, please dear God. Do you hear me?)

I hope I can strike a balance between the two scenarios I've described above.
And judging from the PG entrance results in every batch and my capacity to study, the chances of me getting admission in the first attempt after doing all of the above for the next one year, are still pretty dismal. So, it's probably at least 2 more years of this for me. Sigh.
For now, I've decided it's high time I start studying seriously. 
Let's just see how this goes, shall we?

Here I come, 2011.

On the mark...
Get set...


  1. Hey congo... even I cleared..(manage to) my 5th sem engg. exam... uff.. tension over... :P :) :D

  2. congrats dear!! ^^

    hope your year goes well and books don´t end up eating you! :D
    hope i can read you soon

    lots of love!

  3. I hope you will not be overwhelmed by your studies! Be well and enjoy!

  4. big congratulations...and all the best for internship, PG n stuff....keep going...n keep writing :)

  5. as far as i know you started entrance preparation right from 'minor' :D anyways i still believe that true human beings hardly do things as per time table !!!

  6. Uff! Internship is a tough time indeed. Good luck!

    Also, I've noticed that people get most creative when buried under books. So expecting a lot many blog posts! :)