Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bamboo Madness

With my building having some construction and repair work going on, it's surrounded on all four sides by bamboo suspension bridges. One evening of boredom and a walk around the building later, I realised the bridges made for great photos. This is also the first time I took a photo walk, albeit a very, very tiny one, the whole purpose of which was to click photos and nothing else. Here are the products of that evening.

All the grey goo you see over the white tiles is cement used in the construction work.

This makeshift shack is what the construction workers have built for themselves to live in, in our backyard, while they work. They've been living there for four months now. 


There are two Gulmohar trees, one jamun tree, one cotton tree, and one mango tree in and around my building. I love the Gulmohars best. Both are yellow ones, I wish I had a red one nearby as well.

We used to have a red shoeflower tree in our backyard for many years. It used to have loads of blossoms every morning, and I remember collecting them and playing with them for hours and offering them in the Jain temple I went to.

Recently it was cut down to build an ornamental garden and the white tiled courtyard you see in the first photo. I miss my shoeflower blossoms :( Plus it would have made for beautiful photos!


  1. nice..all....do you edit them too??

  2. Nice pics, my favourite is the leaf, the yellow is beautiful. That's a shame about the tree being cut down, I'm sure the pictures would have been just as nice as these ones :)

  3. @Saumya: Yes, I edit them. Not exactly editing, I don't mess with the content of the photos, but I definitely post-process them. :) Adds some punch to the photographs.

    @Rachit, Kieran: Thank you :)

    @Kieran: My favourite is the leaf too!

  4. Seems to have been a wonderful photo walk.... the bridge looks delightfully fun.

  5. I loved the bamboo in b&w... I felt that conveyed something! :)


  6. whoa girl! lovely photos.. my fav is the black and white bamboos.. beautiful perspective and a lot of depth in spite of the low DOF setting..
    I know you are very busy but I want to see more photos from you please! You rarely post any and you are so good :)

  7. @Dhaami: Thank you! More photo posts coming up :)

  8. Awesome angles, liked all of em, especially the first one and the leaf! Good job.

  9. Aren't those copper pods('yellow gulmohars')? My first love! Those flowers made school look SO pretty! :)

  10. Intriguing series of photographs.