Sunday, May 1, 2011

Looking back on April

Song of the month: 

I have two songs to share.

Athlete, with Wires,
(I don't want to risk saying anything about this song and spoiling it)


Jessie J, with Who You Are,
(A song with beautiful lyrics and vocals that will haunt you for days)

You should definitely go hear both the songs. Right now.

Book of the month:

Room, by Emma Donoghue.

One of the best books I have read of late.

Breaking various stereotypes, including genre, lead characters, and style of narration, it makes for excellent reading. There's no love story, no detective thriller fiction, nothing supernatural either. Written from the perspective of a five-year-old, who has not left his house (referred to as 'Room') since birth, and is the only world he knows of, with his mother, and 'Old Nick' being the only two living people he's ever met, this is a story that is both engrossing and moving. A great change from the usual crime fiction, chick-lit, Indian lit, fantasy, and Jeffery Archer which crowd Indian bookstores everywhere.Go read it, and tell me whether you like it.

Movie of the month:

Pan's labyrinth.

It's a Spanish movie. I downloaded it thanks to my endless appetite for all things magical and supernatural, though it turned out to be more like horror/war cinema/drama/psychologic thriller, along with it's share of fantasy, of course.
So yeah, that's a whole lot of genres. You may find the movie a tad long, but it was engrossing.

My scariest scene (only one which elicited any sort-of-freaked-out reaction from me) was when a man had to suture up his own cheek which had been cut and lacerated. I own up, I couldn't stand watching it, and I shut my eyes during that scene.

(Yeah, that's what my nightmares as an intern are made up of. Having to suture myself  up someday. I am petrified of the pain caused to patients while I suture them, the displeasure making me try hard to steer away from any suturing responsibilities I might have. Though I know these tactics aren't going to last long. Sigh. I guess, as of now, Surgery as a PG option is definitely out for me!)

I love Pan's character and I love the child actress. I am too lazy to tell you about the story etc. Go Google it if you're so interested. I definitely did not regret watching this movie, that's all I'm going to say.

P.S. As you can make out from this post, I obviously did not get much studying done this last month. Let's see if May can change that.


  1. where did you find the book?? I have been looking for months now and none of the stores around me had it :(
    didn't know you were a reader :)

    I need to get to work now but I'm going to check out the songs a the first chance I get

  2. I am totally a reader! I get so addicted to the book I'm reading I stop functioning till it's over. MBBS has totally ruined my reading time, but I still do get these jhatakas of reading in between. Franmkly, I'm helpless as soon I have a good book within my reach.

    You'll like the songs:)

    And oh, I downloaded an ebook version of the book. (Yeah, if I could, I would download the entire universe. Don't judge me, please? I got tired of reading about the book at so many places and not finding it anywhere! )

    Tell me if you want the ebook :)

  3. haha! don't worry I will not judge you at all. Please please please send it know my email id. I will be indebted to you! I download everything all the time too..movies to softwares to books. Only thing is I don't like reading them online..I print them :p (luxuries provided by a computer based job)

    and I LOVED beyond beautiful...especially the lyrics! thank you for sharing that :)

  4. hey i loved the song recommendations. seems like you are a fan of alternative rock. why dont u try some tracks by train? 'free', 'drops of jupiter' and 'hey soul sister'. tell me if you liked them

  5. @Aaditya: I already know and love both 'Hey soul sister' and 'Drops of Jupiter' :)

    Going to listen to 'Free' now.

    Could not access your profile.

    Thanks for the read, more song recommendations are always, always welcome :)

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  7. Hi.. sorry bout the profile.I've had a blogger account 4 a while nw.. I actually wanted to start a blog jus like yours.Im a medical intern too, at a hospital in pune. so i wanted to write about the stuff which makes internship such a great year for us medicos. bt somehow stuff that happens to me never seems that great in print.
    so, its good to see that u r doing it so well. nice pics of the strike btw. we had a demonstration in our college as well.
    neway.. u might wanna try switchfoot if u havent already heard them. 'dare u to move' n 'awakening' are pretty good. oh, and the greys anat soundtrack.. a real treat!!

  8. You should definitely take up writing then< it's a lot of fun :D

    And Switchfoot and Greys Soundtrack are staples on my playlist :D