Saturday, May 7, 2011

Photos from Day 5

He's Dr. Sagar Kolhe, been on hunger strike since 5 days now. Was admitted to the hospital and then discharged.

The list of all the Doctors who went on hunger strike.

These are the Doctors admitted for treatment after their health deteriorated.

Registering our protest outside the Mantralaya, after the Government refused to initiate negotiations even on day 5.

Interns being detained by the police.

Inside the police van. Over 400 medical interns were detained at Azad Maidan for many hours after the protests outside the Mantralaya. ASMI has decided to continue the strike, in view of the dismal response by the State Government.


  1. are you umm also on this strike?

  2. Nice Human....

  3. @Yogini: Yes, I was part of the strike, but wasn't on hunger strike. It's been called off now.

  4. Blessings.....
    brings up memories, the more we change the more we stay the say. in the 60s in the US african americans had such a match to which they were fired upon, beaten, jailed and shot for simply daring to ask for fair wages for work done.

    have a great week.