Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Statutory Warning: I want to write today, but I don't have any clear topic in mind, so I'm just going to run with it. Expect a lot of nonsense and many pointless sentences.

Trying to strike a balance between everything you want to do, and everything you're supposed to do, is so difficult. And I seem to spend almost all my life caught up in this struggle.

New word I just read:
'schmaltzy': Excessively sentimental.
(No, that cannot be used to describe my writing style. No! Why would you suggest that?)

I'm finding I don't really miss my college or internship too much. And I'm finding that sometimes, I actually enjoy studying. That occurs more often than not when the studying is to be done without deadlines, but sometimes it's the killer deadlines that make all that studying fun. Both have their own charm, so to say. (Yes, here I am, waxing eloquent about mundane things such as studies).

Having watched Avengers, I have two things to say: 1) Mark Ruffalo, you have a brand new fan, and,  2) I am thoroughly bored of the let's-destroy-this-great-big-city-and-all-those-tall-towers-with-these-huge-ugly-monsters routine that Hollywood keeps repeating in every movie climax (D-wars, Transformers, etc.) (Yeah well, D-wars was a Korean movie or something, not Hollywood. I know!) (Yes! I saw it! Stop staring!).

Funny pointless drawing from here for your entertainment. I placed it in the middle of the post for no reason.

Then I went and saw Vicky Donor. Let me tell you all about that.

It was better than quite a few Hindi movies, that much I can say. The lead, Vicky Donor, has a sperm count of '110 million' or so I caught in the movie, while the normal sperm count is 20 million. So he is an Aryan male, the man of mans, etc. So far, so good. My favorite character is Vicky's Punjabi mom. As the movie progresses, and as Vicky keeps on donating his sperm and blessing more and more infertile couples with babies, however,  I grow more and more restless.

I start thinking about how the babies will all have his genes and then about how this is such fertile ground that can lead to consanguinity and inbreeding and mess up the genetics of the entire human race and so on. Yes, I tend to dramatize things a lot. Basically, my mind takes a wild scary ride. And at the end of the movie, we are shown that there are a total of 53 babies, born with Vicky Donor's sperm, who come together to celebrate the infertility clinic's 25th anniversary. And all, all I can think of, all that is running through my mind constantly, is this: "What if the kids' families became friends at this stupid party, and then they grew up, and what if some of them wanted to marry each other? How is this sperm donation thing even legit? Oh God. Why did I study medicine? Now I can't even watch a movie in peace..."

Then I reach home, it's almost midnight, and yet I HAVE to sit up and start researching sperm donation rules and regulations, just to reassure myself that such things aren't happening in the real world out there. It seems every country has different sets of regulations and sperm donation banks and agencies also follow their own rules. Also there's no mention of any such rules and regulations in India. So then I just go to sleep.

In other updates, I've been spending my days listening to the Bee Gees song Stayin' Alive. I may be a bit late in discovering this song, I know. It's just one of those songs that's been made solely to get stuck in your head and then stay there forever.

Here's some gyaan you didn't ask for: 
It's funny how man is so proud of even his smallest achievements, and seems to forget about how much more there always is, to be done, and to be achieved.

And then some observations about myself: 
I love spending days all by myself, switching off my phone, talking to no one, cutting off from the world, studying at my own pace, or not even studying, cooking, reading, watching bad movies. That's the good life. Also, I am lazy. Even while playing games on my phone, I am lazy. The games I like to play don't require me to do much work. Anything which requires even a wee bit too much of brain usage, I just get rid of it or ignore it. For example, people's birthdays. I never try to remember them. And sometimes, I even see their birthdays on Facebook and don't wish them. I mean, what's the point, right? I hope you get me. So now you know from whom not to expect birthday wishes on your birthday. That's done then.

I can't remember anything else I want to write about.

I do remember a question I want to ask. This is for all of you who like reading. If you had to recommend one (or three) books I should read before I die, which would they be?  You have to let me know. I could be dying tomorrow! LEAVE A COMMENT!

Bye bye.


  1. Mein Kampf, The Feynman Lectures, Brief History of Time.
    Vicky Donor did its job then, if it had you look up something.

  2. Oh man Aayushi! I totally and completely love your blog! I always find a kindred spirit here. :) I have also discovered that studying can be rather cool when you don't have a sword hanging over your head at all times. Seriously man! What happened to reading for the sake of reading. More on that later.

    First up, Mark Ruffalo! How awesome was he! The previous two Hulks - Bana and Norton were pretty grim and slightly boring. But this guy, he actually managed to sneak in a couple of smart lines right in front of resident smart-ass Robert-Downey, Jr. No wonder Stark immediately liked him and they left together in his shiny car! :)

    Also, how nerdy was Loki as villain man. Not very threatening at all. I'm just going to wait for the next Batman movie to fulfill my comic-book superhero cravings. :D

    As for Vicky Donor, oh man, it was the exact same thing I was thinking. It's like creating the perfect conditions for incest. And people won't even know it unless they do a premarital DNA comparison. Imagine how horrible that would be. You can't get married because you're half-siblings! Ughhh.

    And well, this sort of thing has happened in countries where sperm-donation has been going on for decades. I remember watching an episode of Medical Detectives on the Discovery Channel where they had this couple suing the infertility treatment center on this count.

    But the fact that it's even more deregulated and on-the-sly in India makes the whole situation a little shadier. Of course, since there's 1.2 billion of us in this country, the odds are more in your favour than say America.

    Also, the Vicky babies appeared to be from wildly different ethnic backgrounds otherwise.

    Wow, apparently I really have thought this through. :D So you're not alone, no. :D I was actually wondering if they intended to bring up the subject of surrogacy when the wife was supposed to have 'tubal blockage' but no, they went ahead and introduced a fairy-tale element. Vicky's beeji was pretty awesome too I thought! :D

    And okay, on three books to read before you die, for me they're Of Human Bondage, 1984 and The Picture of Dorian Grey. But you could also read A Short History of Nearly Everything. That one covers a lot of stuff you need to know before you die. :D

    1. First things first, thank you for loving my blog! :) I am pretty sure it loves you back.

      And you're totally right about Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. Mark made the hulk smashing things in a mad rage also look adorable! I never quite got why Iron-man who believed in Banner's beast and kept telling him to embrace his other side. And then in the end it was the hulk who saved iron-man from his fall to death. All said and done the movie was loads of fun!

      Loki was boring, yes! He hardly seemed like someone who would need SO MANY superheroes to defeat :D

      Thank God I am not the only one who was plagued by such disturbing thoughts while watching Vicky Donor, really! Haha! It seems very plausible, what you saw on Discovery... And yes, our vast population does seem like a good thing for once :D

      And even I was totally waiting for a surrogacy element, I mean, after all, they had an 'Infertility specialist' on the cast! I guess he specialized only in male infertility or something. And you can always trust Bollywood to introduce the perfect cliched happy ending.

      And, that's four books you've sneaked in! I am making a list, and I will add them all. Thank you very much :)

      Keep commenting, Tangled. The comnments seem to add more life to my posts.

  3. I love this post. Oh! Did I tell you? I'm a raving fan of yours. Would you wanna try Letters to a young poet for some literature? I enjoyed it. I'm sure you would too!!

  4. Aayushi. I hereby officially appoint thee my Speaker. Or my secret Mind-Twin. :D Everything you've written is so bang-on! Loved the pic. His expression reminds me of ourselves in internship,regularly. Tree and axe is probably like bulbs and labels and form filling or something :S And Vicky Donor!! Omg hilarious review..Ironically,I now wanna watch it, observing what u'v written and chuckle to myself. Hehe. Dude, Stayin ALive..12 yrs perhaps and its still stuck! One thing I want to add about Avengers, Robert Downey Jr!!!! Genius,playboy,billionaire,philanthropist. Suave, stylish, witty, I cud go on :D <3 And really this home-time self discovery period is super. Im actually realising stuff I truly value in life. Ok before I get too 'schmaltzy'(had to scroll up for the spelling :P), I should stop. You please go on writing, even if its apparently pointless:P
    PS: Perfect by Judith McNaught..just read it recently,and it was,well,perfect!

    1. It's good to have a mind-twin! Yayyy for that!

      Your analysis of the funny photo was great, haha. I'm sure you've been caught under similar circumstances in our wards many times :P

      Vicky Donor isn't THAT great. You can watch it at home, or just watch it anyways!

      About Robert Downey Jr, he had his act down perfectly, playing his part to the hilt, he was awesome. I was sad to see him all happily married and so easily controlled by Gwyneth though :(

      Keep up the self-discovery and schmaltzy comments. Maybe you could a guest post? Like I have been nagging you to, since forever?

      Stop reading Judith! Atleast don't tell me about it, if you are reading...!


    2. Why stop Judith?? :( ALthough I have paused for a bit. It makes life without romance and love seem pointless. hai na? Oooh guest post. I totally forgot. Apologies. Will write and send soon. :)

  5. Never thought of the aftermath of Sperm donation by Vicky Donor like you put across!!! Interesting indeed!

  6. I envy you your life.
    Of Human Bondage and 1984 are really good books.
    I recommend Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran and The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro.

    1. Ayn Rand, definitely. Will try the others too. Thank you. Nothing much to envy in my life. This blog just highlighted the rare fun parts.

  7. Blessings.......
    5 words.
    Let go and let God.


  8. Batman: The Killing Joke
    Batman: The Dark Knight Returns
    Batman: Year One
    Didn't expect anything else, did you?

    Damn, you're thinking way too much.. For god's sake, stop analyzing these movies & come watch some with us.

    On another completely unrelated note: The egg came before the chicken. Question answered. Ever seen Jurassic Park, dinosaurs lay eggs. Shocking, I know!

    On yet another completely unrelated note: As much as i liked Ruffalo, I feel for Norton. The only reason he isn't a part of Avengers is the same as Favreau not directing it. Moolah's such a bitch, what can one do? But yeah, Norton redid the Hulk's foundation in the second movie, did a good job at it too, and eventually ended up publicly fighting with the Marvel heads over credit.

    And I'm again at that phase of life where studying involves sitting with your library and an internet connection, not knowing which page of which book or website you'll end up on five minutes later.. If only this would pay dividends, life'd be sorted.

    Anyhow, (waving out vociferously)