Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Don't give up on the things that make you smile

This blog needs some serious lovin' from me. I've been gone too long, but I'm here now.

I came across this photo a few days back, and it immediately struck a cord. Such a simple thing, yet so effective. Don't give up on the things that make you smile. If you sit down and think about it, how many of us can actually do this? Have we been able to stay true to ourselves, in the face of rationality and ambition and the demands of society and everyday life?

I better stop questioning the purpose of our existence, and move on. Here's a random list of things that make me smile:

Romance Novels
Sunday Times
POSTCARDS (in caps for emphasis)
Doing well in an exam

How simple and silly and predictable is the list. And yet, how easy it is to end up going for months without doing any of these things, and letting your life become drudgery.

Today, I just want to tell you one simple thing - In the next 24 hours, do one thing that makes you smile, that makes you very happy, that you're crazy and passionate about. Pamper yourself, give yourself a treat, take a break. Make yourself happy.

And let me know how that went :D

I know this is not my usual writing style. I don't do philosophy and self-help and spiritual liberation and positive attitude. I don't. But sometimes everybody needs to.

Tell me about the things that make you smile. I'll be back in this space soon to rant and rave about my life, and to pound you with unforeseeable lectures and awful humour (It's so awful it becomes funny).

Please stick around! <3

Here's a comic to entice you to stay:

Source: This lovely blog :


  1. Your blog!!! (even the "awful" humor :P)

    Photography ( or whatever I do when I hold a camera in my hand, especially Troy :D)


    When my favorite tv shows come back after a hiatus..even the break they take in between 2 episodes

    Sponge Cake



    1. Ah yes, definitely bookstores! And seriously, I am glad my blog makes it to your list :D

  2. Also,


    Walking by the sea

  3. Sketching


    Day dreaming and getting lost in thoughts randomly

    Having a drink by the seaside

    Going for a long drive

    Shopping for watches (without being guilty)

    Impromptu holidays


    Dancing (without caring much )

    1. I know! Impromptu holidays are the best. And dancing without caring much is also a pretty amazing feeling :)

  4. Those your cartoons? Awesome talent. Welcome back to blogging. I feel like it is a dying art.

    1. No, no, not my cartoons at all! The source is linked below the comic. I like to share comics in each of my posts. And I am a compulsive blogger, but yes, it is pretty much a dying art!

  5. YOU :*

    OK cheese aside...

    Sunrises (duh!!)
    Taking photos
    Talking to friends
    Modern Family/Phil Dunphy (I would never give up on Phil Dunphy)
    A LOT of American TV shows - The Mindy Project, New Girl, Scrubs, et al.
    Reading books
    Second hand bookstores
    BOLLYWOOD (caps for emphasis :P)
    Walking around and talking
    Pretty clothes
    Acting kiddish :P

    etc etc

    I totally needed to read this post, thanks Aayu! :) :) :)

  6. Things that make me smile:

    A random pleasant memory
    Remembering my Dad's jokes
    My mom's childhood memories she sometimes shares with me
    Getting hold of a book when I am not looking for it
    A phone call from a long lost friend
    My handwritten notes from school/college days
    Rereading letters from my uncle and grandpa
    Looking at kiddie photographs from my grandpa's collection
    Fresh Flowers while passing through a market
    Rereading excerpts from some beloved books
    Listening to my young cousin(2 year old) remember and talk to me on the phone
    Visiting my Alma mater
    Receiving a book from my Dad--- Gives me immense Joy!
    An early morning walk through Colaba
    Late night endless conversations with my cousins
    Somebody thanking me
    Unexpectedly meeting friends on the street
    Visiting my friends in other cities

    AAYUSHI: This post of yours has filled me with indescribable joy and tears glisten on my cheeks because of its heart-warming content. Keep writing and keep smiling. Be happy. :)