Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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It's funny how sometimes you start a new phase in your life, and then you look back at yourself and wonder if the person in the past was really you? Sometimes you go through parts of your life with a feeling of surrealism, and when those parts are over, and many days have passed, you start imagining those things never even happened!

Well, I understand if that doesn't happen to any of you, because well, I know I can be weird! :D

In other news, I have taken to a supposedly underground hobby/movement, "Postcrossing", an international community for sending picture postcards to strangers. If I think about one thing that has kept me extremely happy and preoccupied these past few months, Postcrossing would be the answer. There is just something wonderful about receiving mail everyday, and reading about the lives of faceless strangers, and having beautiful photos in your hands from places all across the globe. In other side-effects of this hobby, my geography, languages, knowledge about India Post and stamps, and about various countries of the world has improved drastically as well. I have also answered a lot of questions about the safety of indulging in such a hobby, and whether I now have many stalkers, and the simple answer is : no.

I have a lot of faith in the basic humanity of every person, and I also trust that a stalker would not go to such efforts as to join a website and make a fake profile about loving postcards so he can stalk and kill someone.

I would love to share photos of my postcards, and basically show them off on this blog, but I don't have a scanner and I am too lazy to get into all that mess with clicking photos and uploading them. I also came to know that most Indians don't have the time or appreciation for something like Postcards, and I guess, when there are so many other problems in the country, this may be understandable to an extent.  And yes, I am sure my postman is going to charge a double Diwali bonus this year, for the amount of cards he has had to deliver to my doorstep!

I am having difficulty trying to talk about something other than postcards, but a book I am currently reading comes to mind. Here's a quote for you:

" The thoughtful doctor, on the other hand, the one who knows the stuff cold but also realizes his or her limitations, tends to train harder, tries continually to learn, and is willing to entertain a wider range of treatment possibilities (and is more likely to treat you, not the symptoms). Because the thoughtful doctor prepares better, he's more likely to pick up mistakes before they manifest themselves, thus avoiding them."
                                        - Cap Lesesne, Confessions of a Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon 

Hmm, food for thought?

How have you all been? Those of you who have moved to new cities, started new courses, selected your fields of specialization, tell me how it goes. If you're busy studying again, tell me how that goes!

More than anything, if you're still reading this blog, send me a shout out! Themes and suggestions for future post topics are most welcome, as is any kind of conversation.

I feel like spoiling my blog for a bit, so I'm going to be talkative, this place has been deserted too long :D

Here's your comic for the day, from none other than xkcd :

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  1. Joining international communities and posing similar interests is the base plan of all stalkers. Believing that this is going too far is extremely naive.
    On similar note keep talking and spoil the blog but keep it impersonal. Stalkers await every bit of information they can get.
    P.s. I am not a stalker.

  2. Congratulations on starting with Dermat!!

    One of my friends was an avid postcrosser, made friends from all over the world through there, and collected a boxful of pretty postcards. He introduced me to it too, and I opened up an account but sadly that was right before final MBBS boards so, never really ended up sending any.

    Not moved, not started specialization, not studying. My residency application got delayed and now I have to wait another year before I apply, so I started working at a GOPD in the slums of eastern Mumbai. It's been a good experience. Mainly because, not being an intern anymore, I can do the right things, not practice crappy medicine just 'cause the seniors or the rules say so. Realizing that I actually am a lot better than I previously thought, and a lot better than the others around. Constantly trying to be like that quote in this post.

    Anyway, good luck w dermat, and keep writing!

    1. Hey schish, I was really happy to hear from you the other day, but never got around to replying to your comment! :D I wish you good luck and many good experiences at your new workplace, frankly it sounds really interesting! :D